One Voice
Frisco Independent School District 

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Mission - Close the Achievement Gaps in FriscoISD in all areas among All student populations by knowing each student by name and need.

- Academic Excellence for All Students

Vision -All Frisco ISD Graduates will be College and Career Ready including participating in Advanced Academics

We cannot wait to share the great programs and events that Frisco ISD One Voice has to offer with you.  Our website will change often, so please come back and visit. Also, stay connected through our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, and through Twitter!

Goals - In Partnership with FISD
  • To encourage All FISD graduates complete Pre AP, AP and/or Dual Enrollment classes and exams.
  • To Close the Achievement Gap in ACT/SAT Test Scores
  • To Significantly increase Diversity in all areas of the district including staffing. 
  • To promote Awareness (Communications)
  • To Foster Partnerships/Relationships with Principals, FISD, parents and community.
  • To implement Educational Programs/Tools that increase student achievement.
  • To develop a cultural competence assessment model.
  • To implement Mentoring Programs for student  success.
  • Mentoring Programs for student success

Focus Areas
  • Awareness (Communications)
  • Foster Relationships
  • Educational program/tools
  • Increase Percentage of Students at or Above Criterion on SAT/ACT
  • Promote Pre AP/AP & Dual Credit participation
  • Cultural Competence
  • Promote Diversity
  • Mentorship

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